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Glamor hairstyles for every occasion; There are occasions that demand a glamorous hairstyle: Christmas, New Year’s Eve, weddings, birthday parties, but also for a romantic dinner, the hairstyle can be a bit more elaborate. We show you festive hairstyles that suit all occasions. And the good news: Glamor hairstyles are available for all haircuts and hair lengths. Short fools can be as nicely get into shape as long manes.

glamorous hairstyles for short hair

This is how hair becomes glamorous

The classic glamor hairstyles include, for example, the Evergreen updo called Banana or the Chignon in different variants, the voluminously groomed Big Hair or the nicely styled Side Swept. But it is also quite straightforward: with a few pretty waves in the tips, a quick-ironed sleek look or an original braided hairstyle.

Pure glamor: star hairstyles from the red carpet

The stars make it a regular occurrence: when Scarlett Johansson wears gentle waves, Blake Lively a gretchenzopf and Katie Holmes a glamorous bun, we know what trend is. We pull out the Toupier comb, put the bobby pins ready and buy an XL tin of hair spray. But even if it does not go on the red carpet, our glam hairstyles belong at least to Hollywood.

Glamorous Hairstyles 2018 Gallery

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