Hair Color For Teenage Girl


There are lots of hair color ideas for the teenage girls. But for the high school days there is some restriction on this hair color for teenage girl. So it is better to choose the color that is almost close to the natural color of your hair. In this article, we will give you some hair color ideas which you can follow for your high school days.

Hair Color For Teenage Girl

Light brown streaks hair color for high school girls

You can try light brown streaks if you have brunette hair to have your hair colored. This hair color is so close to the natural hair color. This hair color also provides your hair a new look.

Blonde and light brown hair color ideas

For the hair color for the teenage girl you can mix the blonde blended with the light brown and apply it to the separate sections of hair. For all fair skinned girls this idea is the perfect one.

Dark brown hair color ideas for teens

If you have naturally black hair and wanted to have a decent change over then you can definitely go for a dark shade of brown. This color generally reflects under the sun and show the best quality of hair color for teenage girl.

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