Best Short Cut Hairstyle For Teenagers

buzz cut girl

There are a lot of hairstyles in 2018. You should choose the one that fits your appearance, your face and of course your personal taste. As every year, hairstyles and hairstyles change. The trends of this season show that short hair is fashionable, but there are other styles. İn this article I have compiled for you best short cut hairstyle for teenagers.

Best Short Cut Hairstyle

Also, the haircut says a lot about someone. When combined with the outfits, it gives each person the individual touch and character that he thinks is right for his or her image. The most talked about show of the season Vetements we have listed 7 best short cut hairstyle for teenagers.

1- Romantic Bob

After Nastassja Kinski, who is iconic with her romantic bob in Paris Texas film, Miranda Kerr creates a new trend with her wavy, blond hair surrounding her face. Famous model with a very unreliable bob short and wide waves of a romantic atmosphere.

Best Short Cut Hairstyle For Teenagers

2- Vetements Pixie

The famous haircut of the 30’s was born back from the ashes of the ‘bowl cut’ Paris Fashion Week podium.

Vetements Pixie

3- New Punk

Unbelievable, rebellious punk childish, when you meet with a bold hair comes out the perfect balance. With blunt razor cut hair, ‘edgy’ makes an appearance. One of the pioneers of the new Punk movement is Australian actress Bella Heathcote, the last member of Tim Burton’s dark gang.

New Punk

4- Real Mass Hair

Rihanna introduced us to the ‘real’ mass after many years.


5- Buzz cut

The new phenomenon ‘buzz cut’ or the use of military shaving is the most ambitious haircut of the year.

Buzz cut

6- Modern Lion’s Mane

Another hairstyle taken from the podiums is modern lions mane. Classic lion’s mane hairstyle of the Beatles famous mop-top disco era into each other.

Modern Lion's Mane

7- Asymmetric hairstyle

Jennifer Lawrence does not recognize the rule in beauty as well as in every respect. Asymmetric short hair is gaining volume with different layers and this cut adds a different air to the hair.

Jennifer Lawrence

That’s all for now. You can see other ideas right below.

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