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Top step cut hairstyles,maybe not in the storm but at least step by step the rediscovered trend hairstyle conquers the hearts of women! Granted, the name “Stufenschnitt” does not sound really topical, but the look itself is more trendy than ever. Top stylist Chris McMillan created a true hairstyle legend with Jennifer Aniston’s cut in the series classic “Friends”. Since Aniston’s role as Rachel, the haircut has become an absolute trendy hairstyle, which the modern, self-confident woman loves to wear again today. Whether long, medium or short – the step cut has the ability to simply spice up any hair length and give the overall look a cheeky touch. You do not have to lose many hairs and you will still experience a total type change. Missing your hair volume, so a step cut can help to regain strength and momentum. If your hair is already strong enough, the step cut can create more lightness.

The step cut embodies dynamics

Clear cuts with straight lines are not really sustainable in the long run! Women with thin hair will love the step cut. With the right cut, it gives your hair strength, structure and extra volume. Make sure that the steps are not too big, then this haircut will give you wonderfully full hair. The undone look, which is so popular at the moment, can be quickly and easily put into your hair with a little gel. Who is not a fan of extremes, can choose the step cut in its discreet design.

Especially attractive: the Undone look

This look is particularly seductive if you miss it with the curling iron easy waves. Through the steps, these are not so fast. True to the motto “Good things take a while” you should plan for the step cut at the hairdresser some time. But when it comes to your own beauty, you finally bring with you some patience. Usually, thinning scissors are used here, which ensures that the haircut falls feathery and loose.

To style the step cut

The step cut is generally a great way to give, for example, a long hairstyle more fullness and volume. On the one hand, your hair looks elegant and at the same time fresh and modern, giving your overall appearance an individual touch. There is hardly a haircut that is so easy to maintain and versatile style bar like this one.

The wavy Undone look

The already mentioned undone look is suitable for a cozy dinner with the girls as well as for the Christmas party in a chic evening dress.

Pinning up? – No problem!

With medium-long or long hair is also an updo easy to realize. If you want a haircut from the hairdresser, make sure that you do not cut your hair too short.

The pony

The step cut can be ideally combined with a pony. No matter which head shape you have – whether round, heart-shaped or elongated – this look really stand for every woman. Adjust the pony type of your face shape for maximum attractiveness.


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