Awesome Spring Hairstyles for You in 2018


Spring Hairstyles – What is Trend Now?

Spring Hairstyles,the hair hanging limp down and have suffered from dry heating air, cold and caps? Anyone who confuses his hair tips with straw in the morning in the mirror knows: It’s time for a new haircut. The dry ends must be off, a spring hairstyle must come from. A quick cut that brings us more volume upside down, letting us walk lighter and more lighthearted through the day.

Hairstyles: that’s Trend 2018


Basically, it can be said: 2018 will be the year of the LOCK! Totally announced is the Bob in a wavy variant, the so-called WOB (wavy Bob). We’ll tell you how to style the Beach Waves into your hair. Pretty looks the Bob in combination with a pony – also here, the wave makes good (but you should make sure that the pony hair is not cut too short).

Long hairstyles


Long hair bends to the curl trend – you can easily get waves overnight with the retro braid technique. Or wrap a T-shirt over your hair overnight (here’s how to do it with the t-shirt trick for curls). Long hair is often woven into a herringbone braid – a classic hairstyle that has literally followed us in hairstyle tutorials in recent years. All braiding hairstyles and the ponytail are, of course, again prominently on the heads again this year – gladly in combination with extraordinary hair ornaments. We show you the most beautiful hairstyles with a ponytail. Simple hair clips in metal look are in vogue, but also the hair jewelry from the nineties is back: cloth-coated hair ties, large braces – and the banana clasp celebrate a comeback.

Spring Hairstyles 2018 Gallery

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