Beautiful Hairstyles For Angular Faces


Do I have a square face?

Hairstyles For Angular Faces,a square face recognizes her on a pronounced chin and/or jaw. The forehead is usually wide, the lower jaw rather angular and the sides of the face run in an almost straight line from the forehead to the chin. On the one hand, an angular chin makes us seem a little more energetic and self-confident, on the other hand, women with a strong chin part often wish that it looks less dominant. The perfect hairstyle makes it soften angular facial features. As a rule of thumb, the more angular the face, the softer the contours of the hair must be. For the search for the perfect hairstyle for square faces, this means that curls that play around the face are ideal. We show you in our hairstyle special great hairstyles for curls.

Curls caress the angular face

If you do not like a wild, fuzzy mane, you can style relaxed waves with curling iron and straighteners. Anyway, these tools should be in the bathroom of women with square facial features, because they can relax any hairstyle and make a square face look younger.

Hairstyles For Angular Faces 2018 Gallery

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