How to Protect Blonde Hair From Sun

How to Protect Blonde Hair

If you’re a natural blond or dyed your hair blonde, this is for you! We will explain you how to protect blonde hair from sun. As blondes, we like our hair healthy. But when it comes to being a thin-haired woman in the summer, our struggle begins.

One of the most challenging hair color transformations is to dye our hair to yellow! When the hair is dyed correctly, the result may be that the natural brunette Kim Kardashian dyes her hair yellow. But if it is not applied well, the result may be more horrible than you think! You should also apply intensive care to prevent hair from drying out after dyeing. Whether you’ve just dyed your hair yellow or natural blonde, there are treatments you can do to make sure your hair is always healthy!

Use Silver Shampoo

This beautiful dark purple shampoo helps neutralize unwanted heat in cool yellow tones. It also provides UV protection, nourishes your make-up, creating a hair that is less susceptible to breakage with longer color protection.

Silver Shampoo

A Little Patience

It is easy to start to worry when dark colors start to come out from the bottom of the hair but it is very important to wait as long as possible before making the bottom dye.

Care Mask

Blow Dry and Hair Stylers

Blow dryers and hair stylers that we use to shape our hair can cause breakage, breakage and burns because they come into contact with our hair at high temperatures. Care should be taken to use any kind of device for shaping by working at high temperature. When using a blow dryer, dissipate heat from a long distance. When using hair stylers, always use care serum or oils to protect your hair beforehand.

Towel Use in Hair

After the shower, the towel that you throw back with a towel to absorb the moisture of your hair causes your hair to break and become electrified. You can use organic thin cotton hair towels instead of the thick towels you use to dry the hair. Instead of wrapping your hair in a towel, you can massage the hair to remove moisture.

Pay attention to the frequency of washing your hair

Washing the hair every day and using shampoo causes hair follicles and course to dry. In order for your hair to be healthy, the hair follicles need the natural secretion of the body. This process of balancing the lubrication and moisture in the hair that is washed every day starts to dry as it is exposed to excessive water by constantly intervening from outside. We say leave your habit of frequent washing, which leads to thinning of the hair. For healthy hair, it is enough to wash your hair 3 days a week.

Make sure you eat

Vegetables and greens that contain shades leading to green and red, as well as the rich nutritional habits that you will get with healthy oils such as Omega 3, ensure your hair has natural shine and vitality. Remember that what you eat always affects your appearance. Vegetables and protein from both meats and pulses are the golden rule of keeping your hair healthy from the inside out.

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