Center and Side Parting Hairstyles


Center parting or side parting – what do you like?

Middle or side vertex?


Side Parting Hairstyles,using our celebrity examples, you can already see how much the position of the crown can change a face. But just the point where the crown sits is crucial. An extreme side vertex makes your face shape look completely different than a slightly sideways set. Just try it in front of the mirror!


Hairstyles with the middle parting: Her with the comb!


Hairstyles with a centerpiece are anything but stuffy. The look is so cool that we all swing the comb and want to turn the trendy trend line upside down. Because the center part not only manages to keep wild manes in great shape, he lets smooth hair look minimalist, brings a sleek look to perfection, defines the Undone Bob new and creates something that otherwise only succeeds in contouring: He emphasizes our Cheekbones and gives our eyes and our face clarity and symmetry. And that is completely independent of hairstyle trends.

Side Parting Hairstyles 2018 Gallery

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