Fast Hairstyles: The Coolest Styles in the Morning


Hairstyles made fast!

The Coolest Styles in the Morning,who has time to spend hours in front of the mirror hair? In our hectic everyday life, a hairstyle should be able to do one thing above all else: be styled quickly. If we have a little more time, we can weave, twist, stick and handle with a hundred hairpins, but in the morning please do not. Under five minutes, the hair must be handled, that much is clear.

Ricky tick tricks with no effort

The basic requirement for this is a good haircut. We can even pimp it up without a morning hair wash with a few small twists. Sometimes a little salt or sugar spray is enough to make flat spaghetti hair into a grippy mane à la beach waves. This works even overnight – as our trick for fast curls proves. Nicely styled and in the mornings in a minute!

The curling iron we can pull out when it comes to smoothing our approaches, or if we want to refresh a few streaks that urgently need a little momentum. Or we can use a hair straightener to move your hair because that’s another way to style casual waves. In our video “Styling Curls with Straighteners,” we show you how the technique works.

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