Simple Hairstyles That Make You Younger


To look five years younger with the right hairstyle

Simple Hairstyles,for a couple of years, we all want to cheat away. For who does not like to hear compliments about his oh-so-young-looking appearance? And not only at the 30-year Abi meeting. We all want to look fresh and energetic! The right hairstyle can easily make a face look five years younger or older.

Facial features and wrinkles do not play such a big role as we always think. Even those who are not covered by a pony. The cut and color of a hairstyle are very crucial to how we are perceived. The slogan loses and dynamically applies not only to the cut (steps and waves are very grateful) but also for the color (for example, blondes or two- to three-color highlights).

Which hairstyles make us younger?

A haircut that gives us momentum is definitely the bob. And in earlobe or chin length. Likewise in the variant with a short pony. Here we show you for inspiring the most beautiful bob hairstyles and the bob with a pony. If you can not stand it, you can make the side strands cut shorter, we think of Alexa Chung and her Grown Out Fringe, which not only looks stylish but also young and fresh.

Curls are getting younger, whether it’s beach waves or corkscrews. Anything that brings movement and volume to your hair makes our look dynamic. A step cut, for example. We think of celebrities like Sophie Marceau, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon or Jennifer Aniston.

Simple Hairstyles 2018 Gallery

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